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  • Thank You – Play with Docker!

    At Kubecon in Austin I was talking with my good friend Jonas Rosland about  how I was getting to train a group of new Pure SE’s on Cloud Native Apps and planned on doing labs with installing docker and running apps in containers. I was going to get every student a vm and let them […]

  • My First Big Data

    Ok while I was on vacation away from all things virtual last week. Some reason I had some deep thoughts about Big Data. At least deep for me. So this is mostly incoherent rambling, but I want it written down in case it happens. What I kept coming to is how will data be used […]

  • VMworld 2010 – In-N-Out Burger Meetup

    Last year we had a great time going to In-n-out. For someone like me that was born and raised in Southern California, In-n-out is one of those things I must have when coming back to California. Luckily there is a location within a short trolley ride of the Moscone Center / VMworld 2010. If there […]

  • Being a VMware vExpert would be vAwesome

    The VMware vExpert program was announced today. I could think of many people in the vCommunity (you know the name is coming) that would easily get this award (at least in my opinion). I will admit I do not know everything and from this website it is easy to discern that very fact. When I […]