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  • Building the Python Twitter Bot with Jenkins and Kubernetes – part 3

    This is the third part of the blogs I have been writing to document building a Python based twitter bot and running it in a container and deploying it to Kubernetes. The first post was about building the python, the second was all about building the docker container and using a deployment in Kubernetes. This […]

  • Python Twitter Bot

    So during Pure kickoff last week I did several sessions on Pure Storage and Kubernetes for our yearly Tech Summit. It was very fun to prepare for. I wanted to do something different and I decided to take my py-bot I was running on my raspberry pi and up-level with integration into K8s and the […]

  • Things a VMware Consultant should not Tweet.

    So I don’t have any real content today. So I will make up things you should not tweet from a customer site. 1. @duncanYB How do I add a host to vCenter again? 2. Just overwrote dudes LUNS, hope there wasn’t anything on them. 3. Licenses? Everyone can use my file. 4. Just P2V’d dudes […]